Tackling Electrical Power Problems since 1937

AC – DC Power Supplies

Applications : Where you need DC power from AC mains power supply
Valradio specialise in providing Custom Built AC-DC Power Supplies

Valradio manufactures and supply the widest range of AC-DC Power Supplies including variable Power Units available for domestic, commercial, industrial, avionic, medical or military applications. We specialise in adopting modular designs, adding features, different packaging, voltages and current ratings to meet specific needs, effectively customising, so whatever your need, we can offer AC-DC Power Supplies for you from 10W to 60KW.

 Valradio founded in 1935, certainly the history of Valradio includes some pioneering innovations in the power supply field and invention of the electromagnetic vibratory rectifier which was used to make AC-DC converters. Valradio is one of the oldest UK company to make AC-DC Vibrator type power supplies.

The range of Variable Power Units are designed to provide a regulated and unregulated DC power from AC mains power source suitable for widest range of applications such as products testing, bench servicing, communication systems, alarm- security systems, medical, laboratory and many industrial applications.

 The range of standard and custom built of linear, switch mode, desktop or plug-in Fixed or adjustable Power Units are designed to provide regulated and unregulated DC power from AC mains power source suitable for widest range of low power to high power applications.

Features :
 • Static Conversion
 • Standard and Non Standard Power Supply Units
 • Linear or Switch mode or Normal Rectifiers Type
 • Available Constant Voltage and Constant Current
 • Models from 10W to 60 KW
 • Single output or Multi outputs
 • Different Packaging, Standard, 19” Rack, Desktop, Plug- in,other IP rating
 • Variable Power Units, Low Power or High Power
 • Fixed or adjustable DC Output
 Market and typical applications :
• Industrial * Laboratories
• Instrumentation * Medical
• Marine* Automobile
• Railways* Aviation
•Education / Universities * Research Institutes
• Security * Servicing Industries
•Defence* Communication
•Process Industries* Oil and Gas

Valradio has been tackling Power Supply Problems since 1937.
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